No One Left Behind

We expand patient access to medicines for rare diseases in Europe while unlocking revenue and growth potential for emerging research-based biopharmaceutical partners.

Why We Exist

We established Avanzanite to address a critical market need in the European orphan drug landscape which is due to the complexity and cost of streamlining business operations across 30+ countries given a limited number of patients and an increasingly challenging market access environment. The result of these unique market dynamics leaves emerging biopharmaceutical companies unmotivated or ill-equipped to establish European operations or enter certain countries.

As a result, there are an increasing number of biopharmaceutical companies either opting not to launch their new orphan medicines in Europe or exiting the market altogether. These dynamics are particularly damaging to emerging biopharmaceutical originators that are the driving force of global pharmaceutical innovation, especially for rare diseases.

Ultimately, the patients are the ones paying the price by missing out on promising therapies. It’s a shame and unfair. Every day, thousands of Europeans are diagnosed with life-altering and rare medical conditions. Yet many lack access to the best and latest medicines simply because of where they live in Europe. Correcting this systemic inequity needs to be addressed now, as the number of medical innovations that could help patients is expected to dramatically increase in the coming years.

At Avanzanite, we passionately believe that everyone in Europe – and beyond – should benefit from approved orphan medicines equally. We have developed a market-driven solution, a first-in-class biopharmaceutical commercialization platform specifically addressing rare diseases in Europe, to close the inequity gap.

That’s why we founded Avanzanite.

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European launches of orphan drugs fail to meet their commercial and revenue goals and do not reach patients in need.

Our Solution

We are on a mission to redefine the commercialization of orphan medicines to improve patient access across Europe and beyond. Derived from the word ‘Tanzanite’ – one of the rarest and most underappreciated gemstones on earth – Avanzanite was formed to capitalize on two primary objectives, one economic, and one humanitarian.

The economic goal is to offer end-to-end commercialization and distribution partnerships with research-based biopharmaceutical originators to unlock the full value of their orphan medicines in European markets. This is the unique expertise and core competency of our team following decades of operating experience navigating this area.

Equally important, our humanitarian goals stem from our commitment to enabling access to novel medicines for patients who suffer from orphan diseases regardless of where in Europe they live.

Avanzanite Bioscience B.V. is a fully authorized distributor of medicinal products within the European Economic Area with the Wholesaler Drug Authorization (WDA) license number issued by the Competent Authorities in the Netherlands: 109223 G.

Partner With Us

We partner with emerging or early-stage biopharmaceutical originators through flexible, bespoke licensing and distribution partnerships across Europe to enable global commercialization of promising orphan medicines. Our partners explore exclusive licensing or distribution agreements with Avanzanite for their late-stage or European Commission-approved medicines for rare diseases for three main reasons:

Partner has no desire to build a European infrastructure or risk distracting senior management teams.

Partner does not know how to deal with formal market access or regulatory challenges, leading to a severe underappreciation of their asset.

Partner wants to work with only one distributor across all non-core territories, to maximize value across a diverse range of countries.


When evaluating commercialization options for our orphan medicine in multiple European territories, Avanzanite made a compelling case as to why it would be best positioned to commercialize and, in fact, provide the broadest market access through its unique business model. Adam and his team demonstrated an impressive track record of managing the complexities of product launches across the fragmented European marketplace, particularly regarding pricing & reimbursement, physician engagement and technical operations.

Fabrizio Chines
SIFI Chairman and CEO

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SIBNAYAL® for distal Renal Tubular Acidosis.

Under exclusive distribution agreement with Advicenne for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Greece.

*A medicinal product approved by the European Commission in 2021.

AKANTIOR® for Acanthamoeba Keratitis*

Under exclusive license and supply agreement with SIFI across 26 countries 
within the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

*An investigational medicine currently under review by the European Medicines Agency for marketing approval.

Patient Stories

ACANTHAMOEBA KERATITIS is a rare, severe, life-changing progressive parasitic corneal infection caused by Acanthamoeba, a free-living amoeba. The disease is highly resistant and leads to poor vision, blindness, or eye loss and often requires single or multiple corneal transplant procedures. It accounts for 50% of blindness among contact lens users.

Urgent medical intervention is required to save patients’ sight. It affects people of all ages, most of whom are young or middle-aged soft contact lens wearers. Patients report unbearable pain and extreme light sensitivity and can rarely work or lead normal lives until symptoms resolve.

The incidence of acanthamoeba keratitis has been rapidly growing in recent years.


Adam Plich

Founder & CEO

Adam has a proven track record of successful product launches in Europe. Most recently, he founded and led a boutique advisory firm supporting U.S. and European biopharmaceutical companies on corporate strategy and product launch. Previously, he served as a Vice President at Teva Pharmaceuticals where he led all pricing and market access activities in the European marketplace. Adam is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Anant Murthy

Co-founder & Board Advisor

Anant brings a demonstrated track record of successful orphan medicine launches. He is currently the EMEA General Manager at Argenx. Previously, Anant was a Vice President at Alnylam where he led pricing & market Access for EMEA & Canada and was the General Manager of Mid-size EU markets and Canada. He also held various leadership positions at Ariad and Celgene. Anant has considerable experience in business development and alliance/distributor management as well as extensive “in the room” experience with payers to secure patient access. Anant is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Advisory Board

Daniel de Boer

Board Advisor

Daniel is the CEO of ProQR and a serial entrepreneur and passionate advocate for rare disease patients. After one of his children was diagnosed with a rare disease, he started ProQR to develop RNA therapies for rare diseases. Daniel was also the founder and CEO of several technology companies and serves as a strategic advisor to numerous companies. He is a member of the advisory board at the Termeer Foundation. In 2018, Daniel was named “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” by EY. The following year, Daniel was selected for the Young Global Leader program at the World Economic Forum. Daniel is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Dawn Sherman

Board Advisor

Dawn is the CEO of LabConnect and is an accomplished leader with diverse experience working across a range of industries for global private and public companies of all sizes. Before joining LabConnect, Dawn held various leadership positions in companies such as ProPharma Group, EnvisionRxOptions, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Medco Health Solutions, and Hay Group. She also serves on several boards within the life sciences industry focused on services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Dawn is based in Florida, USA.

Leopoldo Zambeletti

Board Advisor

Leopoldo is an independent corporate finance advisor in the life science industry. Leopoldo’s career spans 28 years having led the European Healthcare Investment Banking team at JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. He is a highly respected figure within the life science and investment banking industries and serves on numerous executive boards of public and private companies. Leopoldo is based in London, UK.


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