• Advicenne agreement further validates Avanzanite’s unique business
model and establishes it as the go-to commercialization partner for
medicines treating rare diseases across Europe.

• Avanzanite now transitioning to sales execution with the first
anticipated commercial launch in Germany mid 2023.

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands, February 28, 2023 – Avanzanite
Bioscience B.V. (“Avanzanite” or the “Company”), a specialty
pharmaceutical company offering end-to-end commercialization and
distribution partnerships to research-based biopharmaceutical
originators, announced today that it has signed an exclusive distribution
agreement with Paris-based specialty pharmaceutical company
Advicenne for a medicinal product approved by the European
Commission for the treatment of distal Renal Tubular Acidosis (dRTA).

Avanzanite’s Founder and CEO, Adam Plich, stated, “Today’s
announcement is in lock-step with our purpose – both ethically and
economically – of delivering novel medicines to patients suffering from
rare diseases into markets across Europe and unlocking revenue potential
for Advicenne.” Mr. Plich continued, “Since our formal corporate launch
just a couple months ago, today’s announcement with Advicenne further
validates our unique business model. With this partnership, we are now
safely moving beyond platform validation, into a phase of execution and
gaining critical mass through pipeline expansion.”

dRTA is a rare and serious kidney disease in which acid builds up in the
blood. This leads to a range of symptoms including hearing loss and
stunted growth in children, as well as vomiting, kidney stones and lack of
alertness. The disease also causes levels of potassium in the blood to fall,
which can lead to muscle weakness and paralysis.

“We too are on a mission of delivering this important new medicine to as
many dRTA patients across Europe as possible,” stated Didier Laurens,
Chief Executive Officer of Advicenne. “We consider that Avanzanite’s
business model is tailor made for companies like Advicenne and will surely
help us successfully commercialize our product in European markets
where it would have taken time to build expertise with regard to pricing
and reimbursement, physician engagement and distribution footprint,”
Mr. Laurens concluded.

Avanzanite is advancing discussions with several other biopharmaceutical
companies seeking to enter the European market to expand its portfolio
breadth. Given the high number of investigational drugs in development
for orphan diseases, Avanzanite envisions significant opportunity to
expand patient access and optimize value creation for originators.
Avanzanite sees its near-term growth opportunity in late-stage or
approved ultra- or other overlooked orphan medicines. Mr. Plich
concluded, “We’ve cracked the code in deciphering this tricky landscape,
and now, with Advicenne as a partner, in addition to our initial strategic
partnership with SIFI, we are ready to take our transformational model to
the next level by bringing new medicines to patients with rare diseases.”

ABOUT AVANZANITE BIOSCIENCE: Avanzanite is a commercial-stage
pharmaceutical company on a mission to redefine the commercialization
of orphan medicines to improve patient access across Europe and
beyond. Derived from the word ‘Tanzanite’ – one of the rarest and most
underappreciated gemstones on earth – Avanzanite was formed to
capitalize on two primary objectives, one economic, and one
humanitarian. The economic goal is to offer end-to-end commercialization
and distribution partnerships to research-based biopharmaceutical
originators to unlock the full value of their orphan medicines in European
markets; this is the unique expertise and core competency of the
Avanzanite team through its decades of operating experience navigating
this area. Equally important, the Company’s humanitarian goal stems from
its commitment to enabling access to novel medicines for patients who
suffer from orphan diseases regardless of where in Europe they live. Go
to www.avanzanite.com for additional information.

ABOUT ADVICENNE: Advicenne (Euronext: ALDVI) is a specialty
pharmaceutical company founded in 2007, specializing in the
development of innovative treatments in Nephrology. Its lead product
(ADV 7103) has received its Marketing Approval for distal renal tubular
acidosis in EU and the UK. ADV 7103 is currently in late-stage development
in cystinuria in Europe and in dRTA and cystinuria in the US.
Headquartered in Paris, Advicenne, has been listed on the Euronext Paris
stock exchange since 2017 and is now been listed on Euronext Growth
Paris since its transfer on March 30, 2022. For additional information see:

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